Say Goodbye to Mr. Funk!

I don’t want to smell the funk, I want to smell the roses! I Introduce to you, Degree Motionsense Antiperspirant Sexy Intrigue Deodorant. It’s formulated with breakthrough motionsense technology. Every move you take, the fresher it smells as it releases the extra bursts of fragrance. Sounds like melodies to the ears, because it’s really accurate. It’s lightweight and lasts all day.  It’s tough enough even through  a long workout session. I love how it kills off the funk instead of masking over it. The scent remains the same, if not better. I’ve tried numerous of deodorants throughout my life, from drugstores to organic. Some worked for a while but it failed on me. My theory is, you have to change deodorants like you need to change your skincare routine each season. Well, I hope my theory is false. It’s a headache looking for the right deodorant. I want to commit to just one that will work efficiently. So far I’m intrigued!