My favorite Nail Salon!

It’s a mission looking for the right nail salon with the right nail technicians. Well ladies, you can stop your brakes. I found a gem that I’ve been going to for the past 7 years. Mind you, I only go to nail salons where they’re hygienic, have a good team of nail technicians and most importantly great customer service. Cindy’s Healing Hands is located in the UWS. Pay a visit if you’re around the area or don’t care about the transportation. I highly recommend Tania, Maria and Amy. They understand the essence of having perfect well polished nails. I love the consistency from every visit. They thoroughly clean my nails and meticulously paint my nails with out polish on the ridge of the nails. I have eyes like a telescope, if I see a micro dot of polish on my skin, I make sure to point it out. They handle my hands with care as if it’s their own. I never have to underestimate their work. I can sleep or daydream through the session and totally be satisfied in the end. It’s crucial to find a nail technician who understands your nail vision, otherwise it’ll be a disaster. They have to look perfect. After all, I am paying for the service and I should leave the salon satisfied.

Essie Couture Nail Polish in Color, Wrap Party

“Hand your nails to the wrong nail technician, you’re up for a rude awakening”- Jennifer Reyes