2 Easy Steps On How To Fix Dried Mascara:

Have you bought your favorite mascara and in a month it’s already dry? The main reason this happens is because air gets inside the tube. Avoid by not pumping wand back and forth countless times in. Bad decision when you’re trying to avoid clumpliness and dried mascara. Instead, swirl the wand around to get a good amount of product on the brush. Save money and try both practical step to renew your mascara:

  1. Add drops of visine inside the tube, shake it well and Wallah, you’re ready to apply!
  2. Add some drops of Castor oil and Vitamin E. You’ll also get benefits of growing out your lashes naturally.

Adding hot water on the brush will sort out the problem temporarily. But for every use, you will have to follow the same step. It’s annoying when you’re in a rush to go somewhere.  The downside about adding water is the product dries faster. Why? Hot water cannot stay hot inside the tube for long, it’s not a thermal tube.